Our Services

Collection Services of Athens, Inc., or CSA, is a collection agency designed to efficiently and professionally increase your cash flow by focusing on your past due accounts. CSA has been in business under the same family ownership since 1937. CSA has a trained staff of collectors who communicate with the debtor professionally and ethically. In addition, CSA is not a fee-based service - no costs are incurred unless debts are collected.

Our Specialties

Medical - Hospitals, Physicians, Clinics, Radiology, EMS, Dental, Chiropractors and Specialty Groups

Utilities - Electrical, Water, Trash and Sewage.

Rental - Apartments, Duplexes, and Home Owners Associations.

We also service: Veterinary, Childcare, Banks, Return checks, and other General collections, please contact us for details.

Operational Procedures

CSA will efficiently and professionally increase your cash flow by focusing on all past due accounts. Our automated calling system provides the ability to reach more people, maximize productivity, and increase revenue. Likewise, accounts can be processed manually or electronically. The following is provided to help you better understand our internal procedures for collecting your past due accounts.

The Collection Process:


Acknowledgment – Work will begin on your accounts within 24 hours of receipt. You will receive a copy of your acknowledgment report. This report will include an alphabetical list of the names, account numbers, amounts, and CSA reference numbers for the accounts turned over.

Status – At any time, you may access CAW (client access web) to request a list of all your accounts and their current status. Based on your organization’s needs, we can customize a report for your business or you may elect to have a status report mailed automatically at one of the following intervals: annually, semi-annually, or quarterly or monthly.

Remittance – Statements and remittance checks will be mailed on or about the 10th of each month for monies collected the preceding month. No statement will be issued unless money has been collected.

Recovery – A statistical analysis of recovery and net back rates can be accessed through CAW (client access web) at anytime.

Credit Report

Credit Report – Any accounts with a balance of $50.00 or more will be placed on the consumer’s credit history after sixty (60) days of non payment. It will remain on their record for approximately seven (7) years from the date of service.

Specialized Categories

Legal – When normal collection efforts are not effective, an account may be transferred to our legal department. The legal department will always obtain permission from the client before proceeding with legal action. Our legal department retains an attorney at all times.

Bankruptcy – When notified of a bankruptcy, the account will be closed and returned back to your office. If you need assistance with filing a Proof of Claim please call our Compliance Department at 706-357-9141.

Insurance – If a debtor provides proof of insurance coverage that should have covered his/her debts, the Insurance Department will verify coverage and contact the client for further assistance.

Skip-tracing – All returned mailed will be handled by our skip-tracing department, which searches for new addresses and phone numbers via skip-tracing software, change of address databases, and the Internet.

Disputes – If a debtor disputes the validity of a debt, the account will be turned over to our disputes department.